Introduction to the Construction of the Portfolio
The object of these tutorials is to train persons, following the instructions in the tutorials, to be capable to begin and work in the construction of a website; for example, the website of his/her electronic portfolio.

We can start from the comparison between a book and a website. In a book we know how to localize spots, we can turn over pages, flick trough the book back and forth. A website consists of many files were one leads to the other.

A website is a virtual place, a collection of related web pages (files) connected and communicated to an Internet Domain in the World Wide Web. The so called "Homepage" is the initial page, the index that leads to other pages.

A webpage is an HTML/XHTML/HTM document; The files are connected among themselves and to an uniform navigation (using the hypertext system).

A Hyperlink (or link) is a reference to a document that the reader can directly follow. It points to a whole document or to a specific element within the very same or a different document.

If we return to the comparison between a book and a website we can say that the website is the book in general, the index a.k.a. the homepage its table of contents and the web pages would be the pages of the book.

Further information about websites

Further information about links

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