[IP NUMBER:28604-IC-1-2003-1-ES-ERASMUS-IPUC-1]

The architectural workshop "Eastern and Western Southern European Marquet Squares" is a 4-year Intensive Program (IP), within the Socrates/Erasmus frame.

The IP as an Architectural Workshop "Eastern and Western Southern European Market Squares" is intended to:

  1. Propose a reflection upon the relationships between:

    • contemporary social habits and commercial sites.
    • the will to stay and the need for marketplace renovation.
    • new ways of life versus real stays of different places in the city.
    • relationship, broadly speaking, between architecture and society.

  2. Put into practice:

    • ways of cooperative learning in architecture.
    • international teamwork.
    • intensive tasks on architectural design.
    • sharing resources on the web.

  3. Build some deep relationships between countries and cultures of the Southern part of Europe, from Eastern to Western sides.

The target group of this IP is composed of under-graduate students.

The different activities and tasks will deal with an intensive architectural design workshop, framed in the general reflection of this IP: remodellation and design of buildings and urban sites aimed to become market places.

The expected result from this IP is somehow aimed in two directions: in the academic environment we expect knowledge improvement and market design practice for the students who will take part in this IP; and in a more general aspect of influence, we also expect results coming from this discussion, in the scope of an european cooperation, concerning the problems between society, ways of life and architecture.

last update: 10/04/2006

Eastern and Western Southern European Market Squares